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Chinezul Timișoara, deține cele mai multe titluri dintre echipele de fotbal din provincie. [11], In the summer of 1999, UTA Arad disputed a play-off match at Alba Iulia against Rocar București for promotion in the Divizia A, a match lost 0 – 2. The winning team was: Francisc Kiss, Gavril Szücs, József Kapás, Zoltan Farmati, Mihai Carpineţ, Gavril Serfözö, Nicolae Popa, Gheorghe Wencesla, Adalbert Kovács, Andrei Mercea, Nicolae "Coco" Dumitrescu, Mircea Popovici, Gheorghe Lupeş. In the same period the club participated in the 5th edition of the Balkan Cup, being assigned in the 1st Series with Cherno More Varna, Partizani Tirana and Fenerbahçe. Spieltag) Filtre stadion… Historical grounds can be chosen as well. 17:08 - 38. Dotari: Nocturna, Parcare proprie, Pista de Atletism. Under Laszlo Balint's command, the team won the Liga II and promoted in Liga I after a 12-year wait. 6. The club enters in the National Football Championship, in the 1946–47 edition, bearing the name ITA., the initials of the company. Francisc von Neuman Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium in Arad, Romania. Un nou stadion de cinci stele in Romania. USR Arad a solicitat, în baza legii 544 privind accesul la informațiile de interes … In the following editions UTA occupied the following positions at the end of the championship: 1973–74 – 5th, 1974–75 – 8th, 1975–76 – 15th, 1976–77 – 12th and 1977–78 – 10th. Au fost montate primele scaune 25.07.2019, 18:26 . After Spetza Ultra Rossa quit, all the remaining groups united into one single group named Arad 1945 which lasted from 2012 to 2016. Other less important rivalries are against Rapid Bucuresti, FC Bihor Oradea and FC Universitatea Cluj. UTA Arad ist ein rumänischer Fußballverein aus Arad. Televiziunea locală TV Arad a realizat un material video cu stadionul ”Francisc Neuman”, care este aproape gata. Nur Steaua und Dinamo Bukarest sowie der 1949 aufgelöste Verein Venus Bukarest konnten mehr Meisterschaften gewinnen. After two years in the second division (3rd place in 1979–80 and 9th in 1980–81), UTA returned to Divizia A under the technical leadership of coach Ştefan Czako, but failed to last for more than a year, relegating again to the second division after occupying only 17th place in Divizia A at the end of 1981–82 season.[11]. People woke up and the colors remained white and red like on Highbury. In the 2005–06 season, UTA finished 16th and relegated in Divizia C, for the first time in its history. [2], In 2006 the stadium went through a major overhaul, when the municipality invested over 700.000 euro for new seats (dropping its capacity from approximately 10.000 on benches), main stand structural repairs, new cloakrooms, an anti-doping control room, an emergency medical room, a VIP sector, new multimedia sector and a new sound system. The members of the team were: Francisc Kiss, Gavril Szücs, József Kapás, Dusan, Zoltan Farmati, Gavril Serfözö, Vichentie Birău, Gheorghe Váczi, Ilie Don, Andrei Mercea, Nicolae "Coco" Dumitrescu. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries at junior and/or senior level on through the time's passing. At the end of 1948–49 season, ITA was ranked only 9th. Stadionul "Francisc Neumann" din Arad, cunoscut ca Stadionul UTA, va fi modernizat in urma unei investitii de peste 32 de milioane de lei, in urmatorii trei ani, … Stadionul UTA Arad. ... Dacă temporarul vârf al Primăriei Arad se tot ascunde și nu prezintă informații oficiale legate de Stadion … Au fost montate primele scaune 25.07.2019, 18:26 . Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. In 1951 the club was ranked 4th at the end of the competition. Filtre stadion. Stadionul UTA și lucrările încă în curs sunt, din nou, subiect de contre politice. Their main rivalry is with the supporters of Poli Timișoara, but also with Rapid București, Bihor Oradea and Universitatea Cluj. Dinamo joacă în această seară pe stadion Francisc Neuman, din Arad, de la ora 20:45, cu UTA Arad. Chindia Târgoviște. Foreigners: 3 10.3 %. All info around the stadium of UTA Arad. Noul stadion al celor de la UTA Arad, ”Francisc Neuman”, este aproape de a … www.uta-arad.ro UTA Arad campioana provinciei. Vicepreşedintele Consiliului Judeţean din Arad, Sergiu Bîlcea, a anunţat începerea lucrărilor de montare a tabelelor la stadionul UTA. In the 2003–04 season, it occupied the 9th place of the 3rd Series of the Divizia B and in the 2004–05 season it took the 11th place at the end of the competition in the same series. 80% din noul stadion din Arad e finalizat. Așadar, sunt mari șanse ca în primăvara anului 2020 UTA să joace pe noul „Francisc Neuman”. Because the reconstruction of Stadionul Francisc von Neuman will not be ready until 2020, the club decided to modernise Motorul Stadium. UTA Arad wurde bislang sechs Mal rumänischer Fußballmeister. The new stadium will have a capacity of 12.700 seats, and will also include offices, a press club, a press center, V.I.P. [19], After only one season in the Liga III the club promoted back to Liga II after finishing 1st in the 4th Series of the league, at 4 points ahead the second place, Nuova Mama Mia Becicherecu Mic. For for the new stadium, see, http://www.uta-arad.ro/stiri/uta-ar-putea-reveni-pe-stadionul-francisc-neuman-in-toamna-lui-2017/3139, http://www.ancada.com/informatii-utile-3/stadionul-francisc-von-neumann-236.html, http://www.aradon.ro/nocturna-in-teste/news-20080506-10552110, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Stadionul_Francisc_von_Neuman_(1946)&oldid=967297417, Buildings and structures in Arad, Romania, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 July 2020, at 12:20. This article is about the stadium that was opened in 1946 and demolished in 2014. UTA Arad / Arad. Pagina oficială a clubului UTA Arad || Official Facebook page of UTA Arad ”Toată lumea știe că, cel puțin la meciurile de pe propriul stadion… [13][14], Thus, qualified in Liga I for the 2006–07 season, club president Nicolae Bara signed with coach Marius Lăcătuş and under his leadership, UTA occupied the 12th place at the end of the season.[15]. After the promotion, the old lady managed to maintain only two years in the Divizia A, occupying the 11th place in the 1993–94 season and the 18th place in the 1994–95 edition, relegating again in the Divizia B. The only active ultras group of this collective is called Out of Control. Fanii ”Bătrânei Doamne” au venit în număr mare la meciurile de pe micuțul stadion ”Motorul” din Arad. Then the baron, who had in mind the red-white combination of Arsenal, but he was so delicate he did not want to impose anything, was saved by someone from the community who said he could not "white with green, because are Nazi colors." Gelbe Karte (UTA Arad) David Raul Miculescu UTA Arad. In the 1947–48 edition, ITA. Alles zum Verein UTA Arad (Liga 1) aktueller Kader mit Marktwerten Transfers Gerüchte Spieler-Statistiken Spielplan News In the 1970–71, the old lady took the 4th place and again participated in the European Champion Clubs' Cup, succeeding in eliminating the trophy holder at that time, Feyenoord[7] after a 1–1 at Rotterdam and 0–0 in Arad. He said he wants to make a football team, who has a name to propose? This performance currently places UTA Arad at 9th out of 16 teams in the Liga I Table, winning 32% of matches. [11], And in the 2nd Series of Divizia B: 2nd in 1991–92 and 1st in 1992–93.[11]. At that time, the stadium was considered the most modern in the country. Cele două tabele vor fi montante în cele două colţuri ale stadionului, în diagonală. Historical grounds can be chosen as well. The stadium holds 4000 people, has an electronic scoreboard, a small floodlight for training and also a secondary training pitch behind the west stand. Er spielt in der Saison 2016/17 in der zweiten rumänischen Liga, der Liga II. Before the match in the Netherlands, the players of Feyenoord Rotterdam, intercontinental champions at that time, were amused by the value and the look of the Arad team: They ironized us when they saw how we were dressed. Reserves: Ion Bătrina, Petru Șchiopu, Viorel Sima, Ştefan Czako. Din nou jucătorii ”câinilor” se vor confrunta cu un gazon extrem de prost, așa cum a fost și … În cadrul workshop-ului educativ-moral s-a promovat o … [9] The second leg at away at White Hart Lane in London was a 1–1 draw,[10] however this was not enough and Arad were knocked out 3–1 on aggregate. Spielminute ... Stadion Stadionul Emil Alexandrescu (Iasi) Direktvergleich. (Dionisie Piros)[4]. - Ciocanul, scor 1-0, are loc inaugurarea stadionului din Arad, actualul Stadion Francisc von Neuman. La acea vreme fiind … The match ended 0–0, so UTA, supported by over 20,000 people, and, thanks to the goal scored in away, qualified further. It was their factory! Stadion UTA Arad 23 Iunie 2020 (se apropie de final) - YouTube They wanted to give us a new equipment from head to toe. In the summer of 1984, UTA became a working football club, adopting the name of FCM (Workers Football Club) UT Arad. „Se lucrează la tabelele electronice pe noul stadion. The team used in the final of the cup was: Alexandru Marky, Moise Vass, Zoltan Farmati, Adalbert Pall, Ioan Reinhardt, Ladislau Băcuț, Silviu Boitoş, Mihai Carpinet, József Pecsovszky, Andrei Mercea, Nicolae "Coco" Dumitrescu. UTA Arad… [1] With the support of fans, a new team started its way back from Liga IV, the fourth level of Romanian league system, and is credited as the official successor of the defunct club.[2]. UTA Arad se numără printre echipele care se bucură de suportul publicului în meciurile din Liga 2. Stadionul UTA Arad. 4 -2. Mâine, Poli Iași – UTA. Florian Dumitrescu: "De frică ne-am mobilizat total", "UT Arad v Tottenham Hotspur, 07 March 1972", "Tottenham Hotspur v UT Arad, 21 March 1972", In fotbal, ca la piata: UTA si-a cumparat locul in Liga I, Dinita, Drida si cinci stelisti, doriti de Lacatus la UTA, Adrian Martian va deveni oficial actionar majoritar la UTA, Fotbal / Afaceristul clujean Adrian Marţian nu mai este dorit la UTA, Dat afară de la UTA, Voicu a sărbătorit în lacrimi promovarea echipei arădene | VIDEO. (Arad Textile Factory). And what colors should the team have? "The Old Lady" plays in red and white kits at the Francisc von Neuman. Coach Francis Tisza aligned the following team: Pap – Diaconescu, Botiş, G. Radu (50' Ciubăncan), Găman (76' Baciu), Panin – Todea, Almaşan, Zaha – Mariş, Cl.Drăgan (69' Turcan).[12]. Fotbal Club UTA Arad anunta suporterii ca incepand de vineri, 26 octombrie, intre orele 10 si 16, iar luni, in ziua meciului, intre orele 10 si 18,30, se vor pune in vanzare biletele pentru etapa cu numarul zece a Campionatului National 2012 - 2013 al Ligii a 2-a, la meciul FC UTA Arad - FCM Targu Mures. Galerie Foto Stadionul celor de la UTA Arad, tot mai aproape de finalizare. Motorul Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Arad, Romania.It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of UTA Arad until the new Stadionul Francisc von Neuman is completed. UTA had a modest run and only succeeded in one match out of six, a victory against Fenerbahçe in Arad, score 1–0. Between 1995 and 2002, UTA occupied the following positions in the 2nd Series of Divizia B: 5th in 1995–96, 13th in 1996–97, 11th in 1997–98, 2nd in 1998–99, 6th in 1999–2000, 7th in 2000–01 and 1st in 2001–02. A început montarea gazonului și se pregătește o nouă licitație pentru lucrările de interior. România - AFC UTA Arad - Rezultate, program, echipă, statistici, foto, video şi ştiri - Soccerway In the following two Divizia B seasons the team occupied the following positions: 2nd in 1982–83 and 5th in 1983–84, when, from the team coached by Gavrilă Birău and Flavius Domide were part the following players: Lovas, Bubela, Bodi, Gheorghieș, Gal, Hirmler, Gaie, Csodras, Țârlea, Váczi II, Vânăru, Găman, Tisza, Iliescu, Lupău, Roxin, Corec, Vuia, Cigan, Lalu, Leuc, Terez, Ţucudean, Negrău, Varşandan. Fotbal Club UTA Arad anunta suporterii ca incepand de vineri, 26 octombrie, intre orele 10 si 16, iar luni, in ziua meciului, intre orele 10 si 18,30, se vor pune in vanzare biletele pentru etapa cu numarul zece a Campionatului National 2012 - 2013 al Ligii a 2-a, la meciul FC UTA Arad … The first participation, in the first league, bring the first title of champion, with a difference of 11 points ahead of the second place, occupied by the Carmen București. UTA Arad. Stadionul "Francisc Neumann" din Arad, cunoscut ca Stadionul UTA, va fi modernizat in urma unei investitii de peste 32 de milioane de lei, in urmatorii trei ani, contractul pentru lucrari fiind semnat, vineri, cu firma aradeana Tehnodomus. Like Highbury was going to be the stadium, just a little smaller. The stadium used to hold up to 7,287 people, all on seats, and was built in 1944. The composition of the first championship team was: Alexandru Marky, Gyula Lóránt, Gheorghe Băcuț, Adalbert Pall, Francisc Mészáros, József Pecsovszky, Adalbert Kovács, Ioan Reinhardt, Andrei Mercea, Ladislau Bonyhádi, Mátyás Tóth. The club plays its home matches on Stadionul Motorul in Arad, because their stadium, Stadionul Francisc von Neuman, is under reconstruction. Centrul Școlar pentru Educație Inclusivă din Arad a organizat luni, 01 aprilie 2019, un workshop educativ-preventiv despre includere responsabilă. Starting from 2020-21 season, UTA will finally return after a six-year wait on Stadionul Francisc von Neuman. Former groups: Red Fighters(1996–2006), Spetza Ultra Rossa(2003–2011), Directivo Ultra', Commando Hooligans, RASA, Red Skorpions, Rascals. He held a meeting, there were many of his friends, engineers, trusted people. [6] In this edition the final of the Cupa României was against CFR Timișoara, also won with the score of 3–2. In 1958 the club changed its name from Flamura Roșie to UTA. Pentru bilete și abonamente la meciurile UTA-ei din sezonul 2020-2021 al Ligii 1, click pe link-ul https://uta.iabilet.ro/ și urmați instrucțiunile! remembered Mircea Axente. Francisc von Neuman Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium in Arad, Romania. ASU Poli Timișoara. Sunt … But on the pitch the situation was different, because Florian Dumitrescu opened the score in the 14th minute: I centered, and he hit with his head, although he did not excel at the head shot. Tipuri abonamente UTA Arad valabile pentru meciurile de … In 2010 the municipality presented plans for a new 12.700 capacity all-seater stadium to be built on the exact site of this arena. In the 2nd Series of the Liga II the white and reds occupied the following positions: 9th in 2008–09, 4th in 2009–10, 8th in 2010–11 (after a penalty of 12 points), 4th in 2011–12 and 4th in 2012–13. FC FCSB - UTA Arad, Liga I, Romania, Saturday, December 5, 2020 Aufstellung UTA Arad - Dinamo Bucureşti 0:1 (Liga 1 2020/2021, 20. Aici gasesti cele mai noi stiri, comentarii si analize din lumea sportului romanesc si international For a list of all former and current UTA Arad players with a Wikipedia article, see, Establishment and first success (1945–1965), "Membrii cu drept de vot în SCU, inclusiv Bara, au decis: drepturile federative trec la UTA Bătrâna Doamnă care va deveni UTA Arad!". Nou-promovata UTA Arad a cedat stadionul Primăriei Arad pentru reconstrucție, iar acum trebuie să plătească chirie pentru a juca pe noua arenă. Average age: 26.3 . UTA Arad / Arad. Amintim că Primăria Arad a plătit integral prețul pentru arena UTA, deși constructorul a executat numai jumătate de stadion.

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